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Schedule of Sales Pre-License Classes.
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(This sales course is for you if you are just starting out, no prior experience needed)

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Schedule of Broker Pre-License Classes.
(The Broker's Pre-License Course is to prepare you for a broker's license if you already have 1 year of experience or 90 hours of educational credits approved by the DBR)

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On-line Courses.
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Our reputation is based on professional training and education.

At the Bellevue Real Estate School we believe that the knowledge of real estate is not only vital to brokers and salespersons, but also to all property owners and prospective owners. As a result, our courses are oriented to a general adult population who may be interested in real estate as a career or for general knowledge only.

The Bellevue Real Estate School is a proprietary School approved by the RI Real Estate Commission, meets all other legal requirements and is the oldest and most experienced Real Estate School in Newport County or Southern Rhode Island with more than 8,000 graduates and growing! The Pre-License Course is also approved for veterans and eligible dependents.



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